Niscayah Management Meeting

Race Day!

Customer: Niscayah Administration GmbH
Occasion: Team building, Incentive
Participants: 100 manager


100 top managers from the fields of IT and security from two different companies should – in the course of a merge – get to know each other outside their routine work.

Our idea: “Niscayah Race Day“, a special kind of Soapbox Race. The participants had to construct and build their soapboxes themselves in the first step. Also the design of the soapboxes was part of the task. As a special location we choose the Wurmberg in the Harz region. With a gondola the guests were carried on top of the mountain, where they were given a cordial welcome by our team. After the successful construction and design of the vehicles, an exciting race was the highlight of a special day, which closed with a high-grade barbecue, cocktails and a DJ.

Buderus – Heavy Metall in Wetzlar

Spectacular show at the inauguration of the new forging press

Customer: Buderus Edelstahl GmbH
Occasion: Inauguration of the new forging press
Participants: approx. 400 VIP guests


To the beat of booming rock music accompanied by pyrotechnical effects, musclebound men hit on ambos and, this way, introduced the imposing show. Under the motto “Power For New Dimensions“, Buderus Edelstahl presented its new investment to a selected circle of 400 international guests of honor. With an investment of 100 million euros for the forging press of 10,000 tons, the enterprise expanded its leading position on the market.

After the archaic intro, which impressively demonstrated the beginnings of forging, the atmosphere changed and an artfully presented quantum jump into modernity began. Supported by light and sound effects, a 30-ton steel block with a temperature of 1,400 degrees Celsius floated through the two tribunes and stopped in front of the veiled press. In this moment, accompanied by pyrotechnical effects, the huge veil fell and revealed the imposing press. A robot arm (manipulator) as high as a house came to life to the sounds of AC/DC “Hell Bells”, grabbed the steal block and performed an artful choreography. After another musical change to futuristic sounds of U96 “Das Boot”, the manipulator put the steel block under the press. With the giant power of 10,000 tons, accompanied by the moving sounds of “Also sprach Zarathustra”, this block was pressed to a flat plate within moments. The show ended in opulent indoor fireworks and left the moved audience with goose bumps.

Following this emotional introduction of the event, the guests were led to the tent city on the factory premises, where they were able to discuss their impressions of the previously experienced show having lunch together. Afterwards, different workshops and technical lectures were offered in the individual conference tents.

5 LIVE GmbH accompanied the customer from the first brainstorming to the conception of the event and the show to its realization.

40 years of VTB Bank

Four countries in one night

Customers: VTB Bank (Germany) AG
Occasion: 40th anniversary
Participants: approx. 250 guests of honor


With respect to the 40th anniversary of the VTB Bank in Germany, 5 LIVE GmbH designed a concept for a gala that was specifically suited to the occasion and mirrored the enterprise VTB Bank. Cornerstones were a solid and high-class tone and the inclusion of the corporate identity. The Russian character was not neglected, but neither was the VTB Bank Germany, the 40th anniversary of which was the special occasion of the event and appropriately honored. With respect to the selection of the program and the catering, we referred to both the mother of the VTB Bank Germany in Austria and its sister in France.

The night started with a classy reception in a special and new location: the Palais in Frankfurt. Accompanied by a string orchestra, the guests were led into the underground ballroom. Following this, we surprised the guests with a multifaceted variety dinner at which the four courses of the exquisite menu took turns with short show acts. In doing so, we thematically took up the four countries Russia, Germany, Austria, and France in the selection of the menu as well as the performances.

The program started with an emotional intro: The lights of the hall dimmed and the live picture of the sand artist Natalia Netselya appeared on a big screen. In a 10-minute performance, she took the guests on a fascinating journey to the countries in which the VTB Bank is represented. With her unmistakable sand artistry, she produced impressive pictures.

In the form of a variety dinner, the different countries were now made perceptible with respect to their culinary specialties. Four high-class shows that were specifically prepared for the night were presented between the courses of the menu, among others a performance of the State Ballet of Odessa and a symphony in which parts of cars served as instruments to honor the German engineering sector in the Year of the Automobile.

A great night came to an end in the Fire & Ice Lounge with an Ice Bar and cozy sitting areas. At the vodka tasting, the best international vodkas could be tried.

Lux Product Launch

A product presentation transforms into an agent thriller

Customer: Lux (Germany) GmbH
Occasion: Product Launch
Participants: approx. 300 sales representatives


A vacuum cleaner as protagonist in an enthralling action thriller in James Bond style – that was the thematic hook of the event on the occasion of a product launch of Lux GmbH.

After years of development, the new vacuum cleaner “Intelligence“ was introduced which has set new standards as state of the art model in the sector of domestic appliances. The development of a special product launch was the task of 5 LIVE GmbH.

The theme of the event was “M:i09 – Mission Intelligence.“ From the first to the last moment, this theme consistently ran through the entire day. In the course of this, the guests themselves became part of the action of an enthralling agency thriller. They were fascinated by a mix of a pre-produced movie and live action.

The concept was extended over several rooms; alongside with several actors and stuntmen, the CEOs, too, were involved in the action. The action was supported by complex technique with several large-screen projections as well as light effects.

Following the product launch, the guests were invited to a “look and feel“ of the new product at different stands. As a result of the emotional introduction, the participants were euphoric.

145 years Dango & Dienenthal

A trip around the world of DDS

Customer: Dango & Dienenthal Maschinenbau GmbH
Occasion: Open house and gala night with respect to the 145th anniversary
Participants: approx. 1,200 guests


India, Japan, North America,… the enterprise Dango & Dienenthal has its home in many parts of the world. In the context of the event, this internationality was supposed to be implemented under the motto “A trip around the world.“

The motto was already shown in a special way at the open house. We transformed an old assembly hall into the “World of Dango & Dienenthal,“ where each nation in which the company operates was presented in the form of a colorful adventure park. The guests were able to experience each country by means of decoration and setting as well as a catering characteristic of each country with authentically constructed and decorated stands and appliances.

At night, the approximately 400 employees and their partners were asked to “fasten their seatbelts”. The guests went on a gastronomic and artful journey around the world. Destinations were the six subsidiaries of Dango and Dienenthal.

In the conception, the focus was put on a high-quality catering as well as a diverse show program. The show acts were intentionally held short to make sure that the communicative framework of the event would not be limited. In the form of a variety dinner, the courses and small performances took turns.

Like a central theme, a flight object in the form of an airbus (with a length of approx. 8 m) accompanied the guests through the program during the whole evening. It always appeared when the „pilot“ and presenter Dirk Daniels announced the next destination. Show acts were, among others, a fast-paced martial arts show, a bollywood dance performance, and a percussion show by African master drummers.

The successful event came to an end on the dance floor and at the cocktail bar.

175 years Sparkasse Gießen

Customer: Sparkasse Gießen
Occasion: Gala night with respect to the 175th anniversary
Participants: approx. 1,350 guests from the fields

of politics and economy,

customers, employees, press


With a night full of entertainment, comedy, artistry, magic, and culinary delicacies, the financial institution Sparkasse Gießen celebrated its 175 years of existence together with approximately 700 employees and about 650 customers and representatives from the fields of politics and economics. Instead of long speeches on the history and development of the Sparkasse, the guests were invited to an extraordinary variety dinner in a festively decorated gala tent.

Right at the beginning there was a surprise: in the style of the Sparkasse commercial, a helicopter floated over the guest’s heads and showed live images from the tent and the backstage areas.

The prelude to the top-class show program was given by a group of acrobatics from Berlin. Afterwards, two enchanting female artists presented a poetic production with white fabrics over the guest’s heads. The following high-wheel bicycle comedy was a successful training unit for the guest’s risible muscles. With his „Jonglophone,“ Dobs Brugal, then, left the audience stunned.

The four Living Dolls, who presented a modern time travel with dances through the past 175 years, had the longest appearance on stage. More exactly, they always performed when the guests were served the five courses of the fine menu. Frozen on the stage, the living dolls were not distinguishable from store window mannequins – until the rhythm of the band revived them.

An illusion show of half an hour with stunning tricks by Peter Marvey was the highlight of the night. Marvey was elected Magician of the Year 2002 after David Copperfield and Siegfried and Roy.

After so much comedy, artistry, acrobatics, magic, and culinary pleasures, the party continued to go on for a long time with dance music and cocktails.

1st A.T.U congress of the top suppliers

Customer: A.T.U Auto-Teile-Unger Handels GmbH & Co. KG
Occasion: Congress of suppliers and award

„supplier of the year“

Participants: 150 top suppliers


An event of a special kind which would cause a sensation in their industrial sector and of which people were going to speak for a long time, that was the company A.T.U‘s wish we were asked to fulfill. On the program were two days of partnership and open communication with the best suppliers to strengthen the business relations and to communicate the common strategies. The highlight of the event and the closing was a top-class gala in which the top suppliers were awarded.

The logistics center of A.T.U served as the site of the event. This way, the enterprise could be directly experienced. The ambience of a garage and tons of tires and rims provided for an authentic A.T.U feeling. Mixed with appealing designer furniture, a fascinating contrast was created.

Highlight of the setting was besides the tire arena, the event area during the day framed by piled tires, the big A.T.U show stage which was built according to the front of a A.T.U garage. Into this setting, we integrated three motorized rolling shutter gates from which speakers, laudators, and artists entered the stage. By means of 3D visualizations, the stage was exactly planned in the conception phase and adapted with the customer.

The guests were welcomed with champaign and fingerfood in the tire arena at noon of the first day of the event. An image film served as an emotional introduction to the official program of speeches. After the presentations on company facts and figures, the guests were asked to visit the logistics center as well as the A.T.U in-house convention. In the form of a speed dating, each stand was passed through. This innovative approach was well accepted by both the customer and the guests.

In the center of the night event was the award of the top suppliers. This was accompanied by high-class dinner music of the Barney Jackson Orchestra, an high-quality four course menu as well as two variety performances. The highlight of the night, the award of the best of the best, was realized in a special way. After having finished the dessert, the entire hall was dimmed and the show light attracted the attention of the guests to one of the rolling shutter gates. Accompanied by a solemn hymn as well as light and fog effects, a flying car floated out of the gate which was branded with the logo of the winner.

After the closing of the official part of the event, the guests were invited to retire to relaxing conversations in the lounge and enjoy the car racing track branded with the A.T.U logo. This way, an unforgettable night came to an end; a night that had more than successfully met the goals it had aimed at.

Apollo-Optik: Congress of Millionaires

Customer: Apollo-Optik Holding GmbH & Co. KG
Occasion: Congress of Millionaires
Participants: 80 top shop managers


Once a year, one of the big in the field of optician, the company Apollo-Optik, celebrates its “Congress of Millionaires.“ The best shop managers are invited to this event. The gratitude of the concern appertains to them, since due to their daily work and willingness to take responsibility for the employees and the shops with the highest turnover, they ensure the enduring success of Apollo-Optik. In the framework of an appealing and extraordinary event, this was supposed to be duly mentioned and celebrated. The annual event comprises two parts: a congress as well as a festive gala at night where the best of the best are awarded.

With respect to the content, the entire day of the event was supposed to have an atmosphere of team spirit that provides a motivation boost. In addition, the setting for the Congress of Millionaires was expected to live up to its name and take the guests to an exclusive location. And what goes better with this high society flair than the legendary ambience of horse racing? Therefore, we created an event for Apollo-Optik at the horse racing site in Cologne.

Racing day in Cologne means to directly experience the enthralling live atmosphere of the competing racers with every comfort. It means leaving the stress behind to animatedly converse near the sports of fast thoroughbreds. In the infield of the horse racing site, we built a marquee with top-class banquet furniture that suited the visual appearance of the enterprise Apollo-Optik.

With a shuttle of limousines which suited the style of the event, the guests arrived at the horse racing site in the late afternoon, where hostesses welcomed them with a welcome drink and canapés. At the site, five racehorses and their jockeys presented themselves to the people. Now the guests were able to discuss and bet by means of the individually designed betting vouchers. Specifically for Apollo-Optik, we organized a horse race. The event continued at the horse racing site in front of the tribune where the horse race was started shortly afterwards. The audience caught fire, the racing fever provided for an enthralling and motivated start of the night event.

After the race, the guest were welcomed in the festively decorated marquee. The gala was planned in the style of a variety dinner. Each course provided by the high-quality cuisine of the catering at the racing site was followed by a high-class performance as well as a part of the awards. A gala band took care of the appropriate musical background of the night. After the dessert, accompanied by the wonderful summerlike temperatures, the guests were asked to go outside where they were surprised by another show highlight. Coming from the tribune, they saw a breathtaking acrobatic show directly above their heads. After this special closing, the official part of the event was regarded as completed; the night came to an end in the lounge and at the cocktail bar as well as on the dance floor.

Deutsche Bank Innovation Days

Customer: Deutsche Bank AG
Occasion: Innovation Awards, Fair
Participants: approx. 500 guests, management level international


Goal of the Innovation Day was the assessment and award of the most innovative ideas of the employees of Deutsche Bank from all over the world. For this, the reception hall as well as the complete conference area of the technical headquarters of Deutsche Bank in Eschborn was supposed to be transformed into a whole new arrangement with the areas Welcome, Fair, Catering, Lounge, and Stage.

The Deutsche Bank personnel presented their “Green Ideas“ and “Implemented Ideas“ at stands. The two categories distinguished themselves from each other by different colors.

In the innovative form of a “Speed Dating“, a skilled jury of members of the board of Deutsche Bank passed through each stand and the innovators were given the opportunity to convince it of their ideas within a short period of time.

The theme “Innovation“ ran like a thread through the entire two days of the event: starting with a modern, puristic rearrangement of the rooms by means of modern technology, an innovative food concept as well as a novel framework program at the night events.

In addition, 5 LIVE was in charge of the complete participant management as well as hotel booking, shuttles for the guests, exhibition stand construction, and two night events including catering and show program. The resonance of all participants was very good and Deutsche Bank has already realized a follow-up project with 5 LIVE.